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Why should you prefer Place Advisor instead of Google Maps?

Article | Place Advisor (November 30, -0001 12:00 am)

In the past, having a GPS in your car used to be a luxury. In the years close to its launch, those who had this technology had a very great advantage compared to the rest of the drivers. While entire families had to spend hours trying to understand a complicated printed route map, GPS owners had their own personal assistant that told them where to go. However, if you wanted to enjoy those services, you had to pay a lot of money.

Then Google Maps evolved from a simple application that displayed maps and satellite photos, to a complex georeferencing system in real time. Since then, you can have your own GPS in your car with a smartphone and a stable Internet connection. Google Maps also allowed many companies to be visible on their maps so that millions of people knew how to get there. Thanks to Google Maps, many companies have multiplied their total number of new customers in a short time.

Without a doubt, Google Maps is a blessing for all of us. Although this service has been available for several years, it’s still a new technology and there’s still a lot of new information to add. Nowadays, you may find the location of many restaurants and hotels in an important city, but surely you won’t find them all.

Like all data bases, there’s always missing information. In Australia there are millions of different companies and several years of hard work would be necessary to georeference the data of each one in Google Maps. On Google Maps, you may find famous fast food franchises, hotels and shopping centers. However, it’s very unlikely to find those new artisan butcher shops selling sausages which everyone speaks.

Many times, Google Maps information is too general. However, many people in Australia are looking for very specific information that is often difficult to find. Thinking about that kind of users, Place-Advisor was created.

Place-Advisor allows you to perform Australian local search at a micro level. When you need to search for information about a certain business that Google Maps may have overlooked; you’ll surely find it there. As with Google Maps, Place-Advisor allows its users to write their comments and rate the quality of services through a 5-star system.

Most of users of this website are locals who know local companies very well and enjoy sharing their experiences with the world. And there’s no better advisor than a local. For example, if you want to know Australia, you wouldn’t hire a foreigner as a guide, right? Surely you would trust someone who has lived there all their life and knows very well how to get to every place you need to know.

That kind of information is what you'll find in Place-Advisor. That way, the next time you want to visit Australia, you won’t need to ask your travel agency for the services of a local guide to easily get to the most interesting destinations in the country.

With just a few clicks of your mouse or a few taps on the screen of your smartphone, you can access in seconds to the best Australian local search website.